The SRECA project, implemented by GIZ on behalf of the BMZ, is supporting private sector development in Mongolia. A focus is on capacity building for export-oriented small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to diversify destination markets and to involve in regional economic integration processes in Northeast Asia.

In this regard, SRECA supported the online event, “Mongolia-Japan Virtual Business Forum and Exhibition 2021” organised by Export International Trade Center (EITC) together with the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia (MOFALI), Mongolian SME Agency, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI), and the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) from 25 June to 05 July 2021. The event was conducted via the Export Mongolia conference platform for the 5th anniversary of establishing the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Mongolia and Japan.

During the online event 80 representatives of Mongolian export-oriented SMEs, related government organisations of food, agriculture, light industry, tourism and IT sectors from 4 rural provinces and 9 UB city districts displayed their products on the online exhibition platform as well as introducing their brand products. Some of them also presented their ongoing exporting plans and trade activities to Japanese importers. From the Japanese side respective organisations such as JETRO introduced Japanese export and import policies, related food standards and shared their views on trade issues while discussing with Mongolian participants.

Moreover, the SRECA project introduced their “Export Guidelines“ on warm treated beef and horse meat to People’s Republic of China. SRECA together with local partners prepared multiple export guidelines to the Chinese and Russian market. They are currently being updated as well as a new guideline for processed meat products to the Chinese market compiled.

For 10 days, about more than 5000 participants including around 80 Mongolian national export companies from different fields such as agriculture, food, tourism, leather, cashmere, sea buckthorn, organic cosmetics, food processing, light industry, handcrafts and IT sectors participated in the event.

The meeting and exhibition was given high importance by Mongolian participants to promote their products to the Japanese market during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to continue or build up new business cooperation. Therefore, the partners and organisers are agreed to display the current online exhibition until 15 September 2021.