Due to the impacts of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and its impact on mobility and holding on-site meetings, workshops or conferences, the GIZ SRECA project  transferred existing project outputs into digital formats for partners and beneficiaries. Explainer videos are an effective, yet simple tool, to disseminate knowledge on processes or issues. SRECA, together with the Sino-German Center for Sustainable Development (CSD), has produced six explainer videos. One of them introduces Triangular Cooperation with an example from the Lao TVET sector being supported by China and Germany combining both countries’ complementary advantages in their expertise and experiences in this sector.

The video explains how the set-up of joint political and implementation partners work to collaborate triangularly. The inclusion of partners from different backgrounds and diverse perspectives defines the impacts of development cooperation. This video calls for a better inclusion and approach regarding development cooperation from developed, emerging and developing countries to work together for a sustainable global future. For further information on the topic, please also visit the website of the CSD – www.sg-csd.org