The Women Entrepreneur Mentors Club (WEMC) was established in November 2017 by the initiative of the board members of the Women Entrepreneurs Council at the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The initiative has branches in Gobi-Altai, Arkhangai and Umnugovi provinces. WEMC advances women entrepreneurs through mentorship, training, and cooperation programmes that meet their needs and develops the leadership of women entrepreneurs by strengthening social entrepreneurship and partnerships.

The SRECA Project, implemented by GIZ on behalf of BMZ, supports the Women Entrepreneurs Council since last year. In April 2021 an online training with German and Chinese experts was conducted for Mongolian women entrepreneurs. The training will be followed up this year in September. To start further regional exchange of Women entrepreneurs, WEMC initiated a field trip to Vietnam and asked for the support of SRECA. VIETRADE, the main project partner in Vietnam and also the SheTrades Hub for the International Trade Center (ITC) there, jointly facilitated the field trip together with SRECA.

On 13-14 May in 2022, 19 members of the WEMC from varies business areas such as agri-food, handicraft, textile, cosmetics, and tourism, visited the VIETRADE office and were introduced to the SheTrades component in Vietnam. Additionally, the Chairwoman of the Women Entrepreneur Council Vietnam which is a branch of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) shared information on the female business network. Afterwards, the delegation visited the Happy Hand company, a female-owned household business that specialised in handicrafts. On the second day, they visited a textile and garment company in Thai Nguyen Province as well as a tea processing factory in Ha Thuong.

The meetings and exchanges were very welcomed by the Mongolian delegation as well as by the Vietnamese side. SRECA will also support further regional exchanges among its project partners in that regard.