The SRECA project, implemented by GIZ on behalf of the BMZ, supported the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) to organise the International Trade Fair on SME’s Products, Service & Technology 2022 from 19 to 22 May 2022 at Misheep Expo in Ulaanbaatar. The event was aimed to revive and recover SMEs in Mongolia, particularly in Ulaanbaatar city after long term COVID-19 restrictions both in rural and urban areas.

Three GIZ implemented projects participated at the Expo under the GIZ Mongolia booth to present their activities to Mongolian SMEs:

  • Support of Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia (SRECA)
  • Cooperative Technical and Vocational Education and Training (cTVET) project
  • Promotion of Growth and Employment in the Private Sector (PROGRES) project

Ms. Beate Dippmar – “Cooperative Technical and Vocational Education and Training” GIZ Programme Manager and Deputy Country Director held welcoming remarks during the the opening ceremony on behalf of the GIZ Mongolia.

MNCCI also provided possibilities to follow the exhibition online via as well as displaying the products of the SMEs on the platform till September 2022.The exhibition served its purpose well and about 100 domestic exhibitors and 50 entities from different sectors such as food industry, health, cosmetics, light industry, garment, cashmere and technology presented themselves as well as selling their products during full 4 days.

During the Expo, SRECA disseminated information and QR codes of its three different guidelines on warm treated beef, horse meat and semi-processed meat products for export to China. Additionally, SRECA presented and disseminated introduced its online course for exporting warm treated beef and horse meat to China. The online course in Mongolian laguage is uploaded onto the MNCCI Business Academy and is now available for everyone to freely access and take part in.

MNCCI informed that the Expo was successfully implemented and expressed its appreciation to SRECA and the other GIZ projects for their support provided to the SMEs in Mongolia helping them re-energise their business operations after the long Covid lockdown period.