On 14 December 2021, SRECA partner VIETRADE held the workshop on “Implementation of Decision 1968 and Introduction of the Digital Ecosystem for Business (DECOBIZ)”. The Vietnamese Government officially announced the Decision 1968/QD-TTG on 22 November 2021 to “Promote the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) and digitalization in trade promotion activities period 2021-2030”. VIETRADE is one of the agencies to implement measures and support businesses and associations in Vietnam in that regard. The workshop aimed to inform and consultat with relevant stakeholders to develop and disseminate the DECOBIZ. Participants came from relevant governmental agencies, trade promotion organizations, Cooperative Alliance of Vietnam, People’s Committees of provinces, Sendo (e-commerce platform), Vietinbank, Embassies and international organisations like GIZ.

VIETRADE presented on core pillars of DECOBIZ such as market information, virtual exhibitions, business matching, e-learning, logistics, traceability and ICT security mechanisms. Functions will include information management (e.g. newsletter, SMS, messenger applictaions), periodical business surveys and reports, business (customer) support services and knowledge management. Regarding agricultural production and trade it will include maps of agriculture products in Vietnam for potential buyers and include the traceability system itrace 247 which is also supported by GIZ SRECA. Additionally, it will have the VIETRADE-edu app, an online education system for e.learning. Businesses will be able to access the system, trade channels and databases via QR-Codes.

After the consultation round with participants, VIETRADE will develop a detailed work plan in the first quarter of 2022 and send it to provinces for confirmation and implementation. After each year, a report with recommendation and adjustments for the following year’s plan will be submitted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to the Prime Minister. Departments of Industry and Trade will be the focal point to implement activities in provinces, to support enterprises join the ecosystem, and suggest what adjustment should be made to promote the use of ecosystem. Business Associations will support members in using the DECOBIZ.

Since 2020, VIETRADE held multiple trainings as well as workshops with over 1800 participants, mainly from the private sector, on the topic of traceability and export processes of agricultural goods, that were also supported by GIZ SRECA. The project is currently coordinating its planning and support with VIETRADE in that regard for 2022.