In light of supporting the Greater Tumen Initiative’s (GTI) mechanism for the cooperation of border regions, the Local Cooperation Committee (LCC), GIZ has commissioned a presentation from German Expert Prof. Dr. Burkhard Lemper of the Institute of Shipping Logistics (ISL) in Bremen.

The study titled “Development of Ferry Boat Routes in Northeast Asia Utilizing European Examples of Regional Connectivity” touched upon the pressing issue of connectivity between the Russian Federation’s Far East, the Republic of Korea, People’s Republic of China and Japan. By providing insights from the fruitful example of European integration, he informed the high ranking discussion between government officials that participated in the 2nd Meeting of the GTI Northeast Asia (NEA) LCC and the subsequent NEA Development Forum.

GIZ’s RCI programme focuses its support for the LCC mechanism on increasing the benefit from regional integration for peripheral areas. The support is clearly coordinated with the GTI Secretariat to improve institutional structures for stronger regional cooperation.