Activities to support utilisation of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area (ACFTA) were initiated during the first phase (2011-2015) by the predecessor programme Regional Cooperation and Integration in Asia (RCI). Based on the efforts, SCSI is currently planning and enhancing it’s engagement with this regional FTA as part of the programme’s support to Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam (CLV).

During an initial ACFTA workshop, private sector representatives from Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam ranked barriers to trade in exporting goods to China. Accessing information on national standards of People Republic of China was identified as a crucial obstacle. As a follow-up, the programme assigned the Shenzhen Institute of Standards and Technology (SIST) to translate Chinese national standards related to rice into English. The standards were subsequently published and distributed to private sector associations in the partner countries.

Based on these experiences and insights, SCSI will conduct fact finding missions to Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam in February and March 2017 including workshops with respective partners. The aim is to delve deeper into recent developments in partnering countries’ rice market under the framework of ACFTA. Here, a special emphasis is placed on the export oriented private agricultural sector of the CLV countries.

To further strengthen these efforts and to improve the utilisation of the potential of ACFTA for economic development, SCSI will conduct further activities in the near future.

You can download the translated standards from the list below or via the second download link to the right.

GB 5749-2006 Standards for drinking water quality

GB 1350-2009 Paddy

GB 1354-2009 Rice

GB 2715-2005 Hygienic standard for grains

GB/T 5490-2010 Inspection of grain and oils – General rules

GB 5490~5539-85 Inspection of grain, oilseeds and vegetable oils

GB/T 5494-2008 Inspection of grain and oils – Determination of foreign matter and unsound kernels of grain and oilseeds

GB5497-85 Inspection of grain and oilseeds – Methods for determination of moisture content

GB/T 5502 Inspection of grain and oils – Determination of processing degree of rice and other grain kernels

GB/T 5503-2009 Inspection of grain and oils – Determination of broken kernels

GB/T17891-1999 High Quality Paddy

GB 7718-2011 National Standard of Food Safety General standard for the labelling of prepackaged food

GB 14881-94 General hygienic regulation for food enterprises

GB/T 15682-2008 Inspection of grain and oils – Method for sensory evaluation of paddy or rice cooking and eating quality

GB/T 15683-2008 / ISO 6647-1:2007 Rice – Determination of amylose content

GB/T17109-2008 Package of grain sells

GB 5490~5539-85 Inspection of grain and oilseeds – Methods for determination of yellow-colored rice and cracked kernels