ITC Market Price Information Portal

The International Trade Center (ITC) set up the Market Price Information (MPI) Portal to provide free access to real-time data on prices and market updates for more than 300 agricultural products. For each product, prices are broken down by variety, quality and other characteristics, enabling micro, small and medium size enterprises (MSMEs) to stay updated on the latest market movements.

ITC Sustainability Map

Among other factors, the map provides information on over 210 standards, codes of conducts, and audit protocols addressing sustainability hotspots in global supply chains. Furthermore, it lists company networks, shows market data on voluntary sustainability standards as a general roadmap to sustainable consumption, production and trade.

ITC Procurement Map

Procurement Map provides detailed information over 150 000 public tenders. This tool offers a route to foster entrepreneurship and to seek new market opportunities. Users can easily identify potential buyers thanks to an intuitive search based on target country and economic sector. Additional information on Sustainability Standards and Women and Procurement may help users improve their corporate profiles.


The site provides general information on a country’s maritime profile regarding international merchandise trade, transport services, and facilitates cross-country comparisons.

UNECE Trade Facilitation Implementation Guide for Simplifying Cross-Border Trade

The Trade Facilitation Implementation Guide is a wikipedia style, web-based interactive tool which aims to simplify cross-border trade. Developed by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the guide presents concepts, standards, and recommendations which can help simplify trade along with implementation approaches as well as methodologies.

World Bank Integrated Trade Solutions

The World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) was developed by the World Bank (WB) in collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). WITS can be used to quickly access and retrieve information on trade, tariff, and non-tariff data.

WTO Integrated Trade Intelligence Portal

The Integrated Trade Intelligence Portal (I-TIP) provides a single entry point for information compiled by the WTO on trade policy measures. Containing information on over 25,000 measures, I-TIP covers both tariff and non-tariff measures affecting trade in goods as well as information on trade in services, trade in government procurement markets, regional trade agreements and the accession commitments of WTO members. Its aim is to provide detailed information on trade policy measures as well as summary information.

WTO Trade Profiles

The site provides information on the market access situation of members, observers and other selected economies. The data is presented for each economy with disaggregations by sector (e.g. agriculture) and duty ranges. Summary tables of the chosen country trade profiles are then available for download. The tariff statistics include calculated Ad-valorem equivalents for non-Ad-valorem duties.

WTO Trade Monitoring Database

The database provides information on trade measures implemented by WTO members and observers since 2008. The data is taken from the regular Trade Monitoring Reports prepared by the WTO Secretariat. All information is submitted to the relevant delegation for confirmation. Information that it is not confirmed is clearly indicated in the database. The database is updated every time a new report has been discussed by WTO members.

ePing by WTO/ITC/UN

ePing is the result of three international organizations, the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), the WTO and the International Trade Centre (ITC), combining their expertise and experience to facilitate easy access to pertinent trade information: product requirements in foreign markets. ePing also includes a communication platform where you can discuss these upcoming changes with fellow stakeholders and government officials, such as SPS/TBT enquiry points.