RCI in Asia (Phase 1: 2011-2015)

TitleCategoryDateDownload link
Connect Asia No. 6NewsletterMar 15, 2015Download PDF
Single Window Implementation and Business Process Analysis-Regional Best PracticesTrade FacilitationJun 23, 2014Download PDF
ASEAN-China FTA: Overcoming Barriers to Successful ExportingTrade FacilitationMar 20, 2014Download PDF
Cross-Border Cooperation and Trade Facilitation in AsiaTrade FacilitationNov 27, 2013Download PDF
Project Management of Cross-Border Cooperation - European ExperiencesTrade FacilitationOct 13, 2013Download PDF
Cross-Border Cooperation and Trade Facilitation in AsiaTrade FacilitationNov 14, 2012Download PDF
Building Capacities for Labour Migration Management in Cambodia and Lao PDRLabour MigrationJun 30, 2014Download PDF
Social Implications of Economic Integration - Managing Cross-Border Labour MigrationLabour MigrationOct 17, 2013Download PDF
Social Implications of Regional Economic Integration and CooperationLabour MigrationNov 20, 2012Download PDF
Potential for Development and Cooperation in the ACPBG Region-Ports and LogisticsMaritime CooperationNov 01, 2014Download PDF
Development of Ferry Boat Routes in Northeast AsiaMaritime CooperationAug 06, 2014Download PDF
Potentials for Port Cooperation in the PBG RegionMaritime CooperationNov 26, 2013Download PDF
Special Economic Zones in a Regional and Global ContextSpecial Economic ZonesAug 26, 2014Download PDF
How to successfully implement SEZs in Lao PDRSpecial Economic ZonesApr 30, 2014Download PDF
Backgroundpaper Shanghai Free Trade ZoneSpecial Economic ZonesDec 15, 2013Download PDF
Overview Special Economic Zones/ClustersSpecial Economic ZonesSep 15, 2013Download PDF