To support programme partners, as well as policy makers and the private sector on topics of regional cooperation and integration, SCSI introduces relevant online tools on this website. Within the section “Databases” the programme gathers and updates relevant trade information for respective stakeholders. SCSI set up three categories of existing online tools to inform relevant stakeholders on trade stats, trade facilitation and free trade agreement (FTA) data.

The category “Trade Stats” introduces tools like the International Trade Center (ITC) Trade-, Export Potential-, or Market Access Map. It furthermore includes platforms from UNESCAP, UNCOMTRADE, the World Bank (WB) or the East Asia Business Council to provide a variety of sound sources for trade data and statistics.

The second category “Trade Facilitation Indicators” is divided into three parts to cover information on tariff and non-tariff measures affecting trade on a global (ITC, WTO, UNCTAD, WB), regional (ADB, APEC, ARTNet), and national (Country specific trade portals) level. It presents supportive databases and detailed formation on trade policy measures for the business community and decision makers.

The third category “FTA Data” comprises information on global as well as regional trade agreements (RTAs). It gives examples of preferential trade agreements (PTAs), transparency mechanisms for RTAs, or FTA Service information for SMEs. In doing so, the section introduces the Asia Regional Integration Center (ARIC) FTA Database as well as respective ASEAN, ACFTA, APEC, WTO and WB instruments.