On 28-29 of October 2019, Export and International Trade Center (EITC) of Mongolia organised the 5th “EXPORT MONGOLIA-2019” International Business Forum & Trade Fair in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia successfully. The event was organised to discuss the challenges faced by the experienced and potential Mongolian exporters and therefore to improve the engagements of all stakeholders in the international trade and potential markets. During the event, discussions, business meetings, trainings, small workshops and trade fairs were organised. In total, there were about 1000 participants who attended the event.

GIZ-SRECA Mongolia, together with GIZ IMRI Team, invited 27 representatives from local Mongolian export-oriented companies to attend in the two-day event. They were selected through Sustainable Development Councils (SDCs) of GIZ IMRI from three main focused Mongolian provinces which are Bayankhongor, Selenge and Uvs respectively.

In the international conference and business meetings, the 27 local representatives actively participated and obtained broader knowledge on the current export challenges and issues faced by the local companie. They also discussed to better understand government priorities and export activities. In addition, they exchanged their insights and experience with the local peer companies and foreign-invested companies. Even further, they had chances to meet sales representatives of partner companies from Japan, the US and Turkey that would like to export from Mongolia.

Overall, facilitating local companies to participate in such event served as a fruitful chance for local Mongolian SMEs to learn about other companies’ experience in exporting. Also, it provides opportunities for them to see their potentials better by improving their knowledge on product development, packaging and international standards as well as policymakers’ planning strategies.