Due to the impacts of the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak and its impact on mobility and holding on-site meetings, workshops or conferences, the GIZ SRECA project  transferred existing project outputs into digital formats for partners and beneficiaries. Explainer videos are an effective, yet simple tool, to disseminate knowledge on processes or issues. SRECA, together with the Sino-German Center for Sustainable Development (CSD), has produced six explainer videos. Three of them focus on introducing the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI).

The GTI in Northeast Asia is an intergovernmental cooperation mechanism initiated by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 1991. Currently, it has four members countries: the People’s Republic of China, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation. GTI aims to promote regional integration and sustainable economic development in the Greater Tumen Region, especially in the fields of agriculture, energy, environment, tourism, trade and investment, and transport. GIZ is a longstanding partner of GTI and is supporting the GTI Secretariat on organsiational development as well as the implementation of activities with a special regard to the inclusion of Mongolia. The following three videos produced by SRECA introduce: 1. What is GTI; 2. GTI Secretariat and its institutional structure; 3. GTI’s activities. Further information on GTI can be found on their website – www.tumenprogramme.org

1. What is GTI?

2. GTI Secretariat and its institutional structure

3. GTI’s activities