The Support of Regional Economic Cooperation (SRECA) project worked together with WeMall (registered name: O.S Global), an E-commerce platform for Cambodian women-led businesses to sell their products, and its network in 2021 to facilitate access to the Chinese and European markets as well as to improve the structures of women-led businesses using e-commerce and other digital tools. Chinese and German experts conducted a triangular online training on e-commerce and business promotion for WeMall and its network. In August 2022, with support from SRECA, a group of Cambodian woman entrepreneurs carried out an exchange trip to Vietnam to learn about female business network, e-commerce related topics, and made visits to a women-owned household business that specialised in handicrafts, a ready-made textile manufacturing company, a local food processing Company, etc.

As a follow up activity, SRECA and WeMall have organised a sharing event within WeMall’s vendors and network in Cambodia. Joined by 40 participants, the event took place on November 17, 2022. The event served as the venue for those who visited Vietnam in August 2022 to share knowledge and experience to its vendors and network.

Group photo of the delegates participating in the exchange event

At the event, there were four speakers who shared their knowledge and experience from the visit in Vietnam. The sharing focused on 1) access to market 2) business operation 3) community engagement 4) access to finance. The event concluded with a panel discussion during which participants have the opportunity to ask any questions they might have.

Panel Discussion at the event

For sharing and networking purposes, the information of the participants have been developed into a list and disseminated among the group, regarding which business sectors they are working within, their business interests and contact information. The participants are encouraged to outreach to potential business partners with the information.