The SRECA project, implemented by GIZ on behalf of the BMZ, conducted a triangular online training: E-commerce and Business Promotion to Women Entrepreneurs in Cambodia” on 19-20, October 2021. It was the second training organised by SRECA to support women entrepreneurs specifically. With the support of Wemall Cambodia, an e-commerce platform designed for women in Cambodia to sell their handicraft products, around 30-35 Cambodian women entrepreneurs joined the training individually, or via self-organised groups. The training has gathered inputs from both German and Chinese entrepreneurs & experts supporting women entrepreneurs.

Many perspectives have been delved into throughout the training. Probing into the two markets via the cultural angle: the German speakers highlighted the importance to establish trust from the beginning when entrepreneurs enter the German market. Opening up to tell a story, to bring in personal elements of the entrepreneurs and the brand, and invest one’s energy and time on establishing a trustworthy brand image are regarded very significant. From the Chinese side, the experts explained the new popular culture to purchase customised products and services, and a trend among the customers to value 100% handmade products. Both German and Chinese experts also summarised helpful market entry strategies for women entrepreneurs to adopt, ranging from details including having an authentic website and address in the targeted country, to utilise festive opportunities for sales, and to the specific tax rate calculation when exporting. In addition, e-promotional strategies have seen rapid development in both markets, for the EU market, instragram shops, Pinterest Ads are popular modalities to attract more customers and improve the sales; for the Chinese market, live sales (“Zhibo”) in China, via the e-commerece platforms such as Taobao, and JD, for example, or video platforms like TikTok and Kuaishou are introduced as one of the most popular and effective marketing modality in China. Last but not the least, the experts emphasised that for new brands to be successful, the quality of the products is of utmost importance; and focusing on developing one kind of product when exporting into new markets, establishing a good reputation with the sales of this product, then to expand the brand’s product range is highly recommended. For more information of the training contents, please see the training materials on this website shared by some of the speakers.

During the training, many Cambodian women entrepreneurs, such as from Keiy Tambanh Khmer (KTK) Enterprise ,Caritas Social Enterprise and Metry Craft have introduced their businesses, and expressed their willingness to be further connected with the speakers at the training, and to export their products into the German and Chinese markets.

At the end of the training, Wemall Cambodia, on behalf of the women entrepreneurs who attended this training, have expressed that they regard this online training to have shared very practical advice for the businesses led by the women entrepreneurs for entering into new markets via e-commerce. Participants in this training, the SRECA team, and all speakers look forward to future discussions and possible collaborations.