The International Regional Conference “Benefits of Geolocation: Central Asia as a Global Transit Hub” was held in Astana on November 14, 2017 with side-meetings on 13 and 15 November. The event was co-organised by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Programmes “Trade Facilitation in Central Asia” and “Support for Economic Cooperation in Sub-regional Initiatives in Asia (SCSI)” with the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies (KAZISS).

The conference brought together decision-makers and practitioners of relevant Ministries, customs agencies, and logistics companies from the region as well as international organisations and research institutes. Presentations and panel discussions focused on new transit and transport corridors throughout Central Asia and its social and economic impacts on the region.

SCSI supported Mongolian Programme partners to join the meeting as well as Chinese experts to contribute Inputs among other international and regional presentations. The Ministry of Finance of Mongolia and the Mongolian Logistics Association presented on Mongolian experiences as a landlocked country in Northeast Asia as well as exchanging experiences as a member of the Greater Tumen initiative (GTI). Representatives from the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and industry (MNCCI) as well as the Mongolian Customs General Administration (MCGA) participated in the conference and contributed to the Meetings. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) shared perspectives on maximising the impacts of eased connectivity within the regionalisation and globalisation momentum in Central Asia.