Increasing cross-border investment and trade is a key element of regional economic integration. Especially border regions can benefit from closer cooperation between the private and the public sectors. To make cooperation work, close communication and a joint sound understanding of opportunities as well as challenges are mandatory.

As part of its advisory services to the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) GIZ’s Programme on Support for Economic Cooperation in Sub-regional Initiatives in Asia (SCSI) has always focused on an inclusive approach. Hence, hearing all involved stakeholders and laying out a joint understanding was an integral part of all activities since the beginning of the support back in 2011.

As an outcome of this approach, the programme co-organised the first GTI Roundtable Meeting on Trade and Investment Cooperation on August 30th 2017 in Changchun, China. In close cooperation with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MofCom), the Jilin Provincial Government and the GTI Secretariat, SCSI planned the event with the clear focus to include all involved stakeholders. In effect, the local and central level of the government of the four GTI member countries, Mongolia, China, Korea and Russia, as well as businesses from regional and international organisations participated. All participants discussed key areas for future cooperation in the field of trade and investment and jointly shared their views and concerns. The event provided an open platform to lay the groundwork for cooperation concepts under the GTI mechanism from 2017 to 2020.