Delegates of five countries from local and provincial governments joined together on May 16 2018 in Yingkou, PR China for preparing the upcoming 6th GTI Northeast Asia (NEA) Local Cooperation Committee (LCC) Meeting and the Working Meeting for the 4th LCC Logistics Sub-Committee (LSC) Meeting.

The delegates reviewed LCC activities since the 5th Meeting and discussed the progress of preparations for the upcoming 6th LCC Meeting and the 4th LSC Meeting. The GIZ SCSI programme contributed to the event with a practical review session by conducting a “starfish retrospective” to engage the members into reflecting the role and opportunities of the LCC mechanism and to collect their ideas for further improvement.

The “starfish retrospective” is a tool for data gathering to foster the thinking around current practices. It helped to clarify to the LCC members how much they value the different aspects of their work under the LCC, along the categories “start doing”, “keep doing, “do less of”, “do more of” and “stop doing”. LCC members generated valuable insights on how to further develop the mechanism and to focus on its core strengths. The result of this session was analysed and shared with GTI Secretariat as well as LCC members for further discussion and development.

GIZ has contributed to the development of the LCC mechanism since 2010 and has been providing support and advice on regional integration, policy coordination, and cross-border cooperation. Here, with Yingkou City of China newly joining the LCC mechanism, LCC has become a broader platform of cross-border cooperation in Northeast Asia, under which more progress is expected to be achieved in the future.