Navigating stormy seas, while sailing on a feminist ship and steering towards Just Transition?

Given this current context of our work, GIZ managers need to adapt their leadership approaches and steer their team and project with a fresh mindset. How can they actively shape their role as a gender-transformative leader? How can they put a gender-transformative lens on technical approaches to a Just Transition?

Hosted by the GIZ Sector Networks Assets for Asia, SNRD Asia/Pacific and TUEWAS, 20 GIZ managers will have the opportunity to take charge and to accelerate transformative change through the leadership coaching ‘Gender Transformative Mindset for a Just Transition’.

Over a 3 months period (starting in August 2023), experienced coaches will virtually guide 5 group coaching sessions and 3 individual sessions.

Group coaching sessions explore the Rights, Resources and Representations (3 R’s) of Feminist Development, concepts of Just Transition with focus on the ‘Just’, the quadrant of change, the principle of Reach-Benefit-Empower and other transformative approaches.

Individual sessions explore the personal learning pathways to develop a transformative mindset. Self-guided learning and assignments complement the coaching’s.

The leadership coaching requires a total of approximately 20 hours over the span of three months.

What do you need to do to register? Send a statement of motivation to by June 23, 2023!

Selection criteria for the 20 available spots are based on diversity, gender, ethnicity, age and experience to ensure a well-rounded and diverse group. The only requirement is that you hold an official leadership role within GIZ Asia and commit to a total of 8 coaching sessions!

We are excited to embark on this journey with you,

Miriam, Junyu & Zolzaya for Assets for Asia

Suhasini for SNRD Asia/Pacific

Mia for TUEWAS