Based on the export guideline train-of-trainer (ToT) and trainings for dragon fruit, longan, lychee, and watermelon, VIETRADE and GIZ set up two follow-up events on 28 February in Hanoi and on 01 March 2019 in HCMC to award 14 trainers from trade promotion networks, associations and chambers. They are now certified multipliers supporting further SME capacity building within trade promotion in Vietnam utilising the VIETRADE-GIZ Export Guidelines. The two events brought again together trade promotion organisations, associations, chambers and SMEs.

A Chinese trade expert provided practical information on the latest Chinese market policies and requirements regarding agricultural products. The input included an overview on requirements for production and export procedures as well as market demand and trends in China. Furthermore, recommendations on modalities for associations to develop their business and for improving the quality of products were presented.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) accompanied the input by sharing experiences with Vietnamese businesses in exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to China. MARD gave further insights on quality, volume, packaging, establishment of partnership with the Chinese business community, and Chinese consumption trends. Additionally, necessary exporting forms for Vietnamese agricultural traders were elaborated.

The subsequent discussion showed inquiries and capacity building demand from the Vietnamese business community. Strengthening the business network toward sustainable exports to China as well as export development plans for Vietnamese SMEs among other points were highlighted. The outcomes will be utilised for future activity planning with VIETRADE.