The Support of Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia (SRECA) project implemented by GIZ has a long-standing cooperation with the Mongolian Customs General Administration (MCGA) within the context of the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) Trade and Investment Committee and Customs Sub-Committee. From early 2019-2020, SRECA supported MCGA to translate and publish specific World Customs Organisation (WCO) documents in Mongolian for further utilisation in practice. The WCO documents included “Handbook on Data Analysis 2018 “Principles and Practices on Customs Professionalism” “The Why and How of Performance Measurement Contracts 2014” and “The Handbook on Inward and Outward Processing Procedures 2017”.

MCGA compiled “Legal Acts of Mongolian Customs” including all legal acts approved by the Director of MCGA, which are partly based on or have been influenced by the translated WCO documents to adhere to latest WCO standards. SRECA supported the printing and publishing of 700 copies of the “Legal Acts of Mongolian Customs” to be disseminated among 1500 customs officers to use the book as a main guideline for customs clearance.

Currently, Mongolia has 18 international and inland customs houses as well as 44 smaller border checkpoints, which are international, bilateral, regular and temporary, serving customs clearance procedures for passengers and goods to enter the country. Due to technical, infrastructural and geographical issues, communication with the border checkpoints is often difficult. Therefore, it is vital to distribute the book “Legal Acts of Mongolian Customs” to ensure the information is shared and utilised.

The “Legal Acts” are a compilation to transparently and openly provide it to the public within implementation of the project “Renewal of Customs” by the Government of Mongolia. Therefore, MCGA gathered all valid legal acts up to 01 January 2020 that were approved by the Director of the MCGA and compiled a book to be mainly distributed to customs departments, committees as well as officers as a working guideline.

The book includes 42 legal acts regarding the public and 72 legal acts for internal customs procedures. It aims to cover all parties involved in international trade such as civil servants, customs officers, customs dealers, freight forwarding companies, exporters, domestic and international companies, and further organisations and institutions.